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Peachy Keen Films-My Fuck Murder Toy

Peachy Keen Films-My Fuck Murder Toy

Runtime : 42min 54s
File Size : 1.22 GB
Resolution : 854x480

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My Fuck Murder Toy. Starring Zoey Laine. Directed By JohnM

She cautiously clad for the soiree. Completing her make-up, she put on her stalkings, boots and sundress. She looked herself over. Stellar. She headed out. He sat, looking over his newspaper. A standard day for him. Sipping his coffee. Time to check on his plaything. She was trussed up on the couch. He had slew of joy with her since abducting her the night before outside some collage soiree he was stalking out.
He now torn up his reward in every way he could. He could do whatever he wished. She was his. When it was over, he packaged a nylon around her next and murdered her. Oh, she struggled rock hard. They never want to be murdered. Understandable. So much life ahead. Not for her however. He luved to have fun with them as he did it. Catch and pull out a bit, then he smashed her as he killed her, experiencing her cunt tighten as the garrote did around her neck. Then, he got her up on her knee and screwed her jaws as he throttled her. Finally, she fell will-less and he kept nailing her facehole until he came on her.
He left his fucktoy sprawled out on the couch. There would be time for some more joy later.

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