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Peachy Keen Films-Gone Too Far

Peachy Keen Films-Gone Too Far

Runtime : 43min 26s
File Size : 1.26 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Gone Too Far. Starring Ember Stone. Directed by JohnM

Ember is a steamy, nasty chick, about to do a fetish flick shoot. The concentrate of the shoot is asphyxiation, which makes her undies wet before the camera is even on. She unclothes out of her street clothes and puts on thigh-high, ebony pantyhose, stunning matching undies and a satin bustier. The film maker has her eliminate one of her pantyhose, and teaches her to gasp herself with it. She does so with passion, making her eyes erection and causing her to choke for air. Shortly, he grasps hold of the slinky material packaged around her slim facehole and gasps her. Both are thrilled, so he puts her on all 4s and boinks her doggy style, while smothering her, until she passes out.

When she revives, they put a noose around her neck. He gasps her with it, as she is on her knees, blowing his meatpipe, finally wooing a large blast from his intense ball sack. Now, he wants to go a step farther. With her standing on a chair, he tightens the noose, and asks her to step off, suspending her. Spurred on by the money he offers her and her own passion, she agrees. Stepping off the chair, he films while she convulses and gags, on the end of a strap. Then, her fights cease and she strings up there, delicately wagging.

The videographer is in disbelief, at first-ever, before realizing that they have gone too far. Even so, it was so red-hot, that he hasnТt had enough of her trampy, youthfull figure. He lowers her wondrous corpse and postures it on a bench, so he can nail her from behind. Rolling her over, he fills his fuckpole into her will-less and helpless cooter, her still shape rocking in time with his pushes and her glassy eyes gawping blindly. Once her has pleased himself, he leaves her half-naked in his dungeon space, her future now destined for an unmarked and shallow grave.

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