Peachy Keen Films-Fucked and Strangled a Teenage Girl

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Fucked and Strangled a Teenage Girl. Starring Aspen Aura and Rock

Aspen has determined to take a break from working on her computer to go for a relieving jog. She opens up her forearms and gams, getting all of her muscles lose and free for the exercise ahead. She turns on some music on her iPod and goes out the door.

Moments afterward an intruder casually ambles into her apartment, he’s been waiting a lengthy time for this moment. He eliminates his casual sundress clothes, surveying the room. He wedges his belongings into a shoulder bag and dons a ski mask in anticipation of the events to ensue. He stashes in the corner behind a tall plant, waiting for his marionette.

As Aspen comes in the intruder is upon her in a display, seizing her and crushing her. He tosses her on the couch where more crushes land. Pulling her to her soles he knees her in the tummy and boinks her face one more. Aspen fights and attempts to crawl away, but the intruder is no match for her. He leaps on top of her and wraps his intense palms around her neck. Aspen swishes and fights as he gasps her with his right mitt, using his left to wring her nips. Aspen shrieks and he spanks her for defying.

His palms make their way down to her gym cut-offs and inwards of her undies as he caresses her pleasure button. He pushes his thumbs into her facehole to get them uber-cute and moist and wedges them back over her cooter, frigging her and getting her lovely and moist.

Rolling her on her knees, he resumes to finger her. The sound of her raw labia is only matched by her sobs for grace.

He takes off the rest of her clothes off and makes her gag on his pulsing stiffy. Pushing it deeper and deeper his spit-covered manmeat makes her gasp.

Bringing her to the sofa he gets on his knees and engulfs her beaver, deep-throating and munching her, forcing her gams down with his palms. In an immediate he his manhood is back in her hatch as he pulverizes it deep. A prompt finger-tickling is shortly followed by his phat salami injecting her cock-squeezing beaver from behind. He bangs her rigid and swift, overlooking her prayers.

She groans in dread and delectation as he nails her in a multitude of postures, flashing no signs of ever stopping. He reaches his violating point and erupts deep in her cooter as she sobs. He tells her what a excellent job she’s doing, but the night isn’t over yet.

Gripping some duct gauze, he ties her soles and arms and wraps one last lump around her throat.

Back at his hideout he takes a swig of beer to peaceful himself. He has huge plans for Aspen and he embarks by groping her cooch. He frigs her firm while gasping her softly, grasping her boobies and twisting her puffies in succession.

His fuck-stick finds her jaws once again and Aspen heads as far as she can. He makes sure she gets his pouch too. Prepped to jizz he embarks to wank off, forcing her to plead for his red-hot milky nectar. Nearing the end he grabs her head and rockets a huge fountain down her gullet. She gags and salivates it out over her face and his manmeat, gobbling his lollipop neat.

He commends her for her dt abilities, but realizes that he cannot let her go because she has seen his face, out comes his acquaintance, the rope! He pulls her to her soles with his force the strap digging into her neck. She coughs and sputters as he bends back onto the couch.

Her pretty soles crush out of the duct gauze and she attempts to find a superb footing, but his force is too much. Incapable to struggle back she gives way to him and she dies. He leaves the apartment sated with his evening.

After getting a new beer he comes back to the apartment, dragging her away to dispose of the bod properly.
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