» » Velvets Fantasies-Very Merry Knockout Part 6

Necro Porn | 5-01-2018, 15:45  

Velvets Fantasies-Very Merry Knockout Part 6

Velvets Fantasies-Very Merry Knockout Part 6

Runtime : 44min 51s
File Size : 1.68 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Velvets Fantasies-Very Merry Knockout Part 6.wmv

Velvets Fantasies-Very Merry Knockout Part 6.wmv - 1.7 GB

Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Heather West, Galas, Candle Boxxx, Paige Erin Turner, Lucy Purr, Alisa Kiss, Sumiko, Keri Spectrum, Scott Torvea, Photognome as Santa, and a guest appearance from Evangeline as the story teller!

It's that time of yr again, folks! Time for gifts, cheer, egg nog, and a immense lot of knocked out sweethearts right next to the tree! But how do we get there, you ask? Well.you simply ensue Scott the elf as he continues to invade Santa's Christmas bag, using its jingly bells to call forward every beautiful girl elf working at the shop! He resumes to render each ultra-cute North Pillar worker unconscious with a diversity of festive fucktoys, until all 9 women are down and snoozing at his feet!

It's clear by now that this ultra-kinky elf is from the South Pillar, and even tho he thinks his escape is a assure, he is all of a sudden whisked back by the tree by the one and only SANTA CLAUS! The jolly ample stud smirks as he whips out his X-mas spanking paddle, disciplining the evil Scott.and then doing the same to his unprofessional elves! Each slapping comes with a swift knockout conk to the noggin', sending each nymph down and over a nearby sofa for a final and Extraordinaire holiday display!

If you're a devotee of my ongoing holiday series, then this one Indeed steps it up! ORDER NOW.and Blessed Holidays to all!

This vid contains Santa hat strangle KO, cock neck chop KO, ornament bonk KO, garland gasp out KO, drowsy splatter introduce KO, tinsel gasp out KO, candy flog bonk KOs, bounty bow throttle KO, backside smacking, smacking, over the shoulder carries, cradle carries, draggings, bod poles, rag dolling

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