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Peachy Keen Films-The Price Of Infidelity

Peachy Keen Films-The Price Of Infidelity

Runtime : 20min 24s
File Size : 628 MB
Resolution : 854x480

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The Price Of Infidelity
Starring Jill Kassidy
Directed by JohnM

He knew what she was like when he married her. The late nights and unceasing partying, her whorish demeanour and overindulgence with booze and pills. He thought that marriage might switch her, but, if anything, she seemed to get worse. He scarcely ever spotted her at all anymore, so when he finds her handed out on the couch, still in her cock-squeezing, crimson sundress and expensive high stilettos, his sausage begins to get rock-hard. It had been so lengthy since they had been private, that he was less than worried by her toasted state.

Eliminating her clothes, chunk by chunk, he fumbles and tongues and plays with her assets, until his sore manstick can’t take it anymore. Opening up her marvelous gams, he plunges her fuller than a Christmas goose and screws her firm enough to void the warranty on their cell spring and couch framework. Even she gets into it, delicate shrieks of elation escaping her lips, as her spouse sinks himself deep inwards her. But when she calls out another person’s name, her unmasked cuckoldry causes him to fly into a anger.

Wrapping both arms around her neck, he wrings, gagging the life from her. He doesn’t stop humping her, though; this stud can multitask, fiercely killing her, while still pumping his beef whistle in and out of that cock-squeezing, moist puss. As she embarks to yank and grimace, her bod shutting down from prolonged anoxia, the spastic activity of her cooter wanks the gravy from the man’s nuts and he crams her with steaming goo. After he’s done, he leaves her bare corpse widened on the couch. He’ll need to dispose of the bod, but right now, he needs a ciggie. To tell you the truth, so do I.

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