Peachy Keen Films-Special Night

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Peachy Keen Films-Special Night

Runtime : 58min 30s
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Special Night
Starring: Amber and Elise Graves

It was her exclusive night. A night she had been waiting for since 5th grade when she very first heard about it. Prom Night. She was a elderly now and this would be her first-ever and last prom. She wished everything to be flawless. She took a lengthy time getting prepped, checking herself in the mirror, making sure everything fit just right. Her parents were away....on vacation in Europe. She had the entire palace to herself and tonight, after prom, after she and her buddies and their appointments would make the rounds as part of tradition, then she would bring her appointment home. He was her bf. And, there, on her sofa, she would make enjoy to him for the very first time. It would be flawless.
The phone rang. It was her beau. She abruptly funked. She had forgotten something--a tiny thing, but that one thing she had to have. She told him she was just going to run to the store. It would not take lengthy.

She grasped her purse and left.

Jake and Betty sat in their van, scooping out a remote section of parking plenty of in the back of a mall. They were looking for something to do--anything truly. They expected they could masturbate a purse or panic some kid. It did not matter. They were crud, high on meth, looking for activity.

A car pulls up--they watch--they wait. The chick steps out, in her sexy sundress and heads into the store. Brilliant. They pull up next to her car. They wait.

When she comes back, they snag her, spasming her into the van, door shutting--sealing off her silenced wails. They bind her up and take off.

On the way to their place, Betty embarks molesting her and does not stop for most of the drive. The nymphs wails, snivels and sobs thru her gag the entire way.

The bring her into their place, inserting her down on the floor, Betty resumes to torture the chick.

The skimpy damsel is freaking out. After a while, Jake soothes her down to a weeping, shuddering dame and eliminates her gag. When she begins up again, he plunges her head into the rock-hard wood floor. She calms down to shuddery sobs as Betty proceeds to torture her, both with her palms and a bottle os whiskey.

All the while Jake is pacing around in and out of the apartment. Ultimately, he comes back, pulls out his knife and slices her pretty sundress, then tears it up the middle.

The grip her, arching her over a table and Betty pushes a fat glass fake penis in the skimpy youthfull ladies rump. She begins tucking it in and out as the woman bellows and cries. Jake attempts to tranquil her down by thrusting his weenie into her facehole. He coerces her down on it, choking her, spit trickling out everywhere. Betty keeps plunging her in the back end while Jake crams her facehole up with his trunk.

Afterwards, Betty is looking thru the ladies License. They determine she might have money and take her back to her building. They throw her on the sofa, but before they rob the place, they determine to have more joy. They bind her up stretched eagle and gag her with her sloppy underpants. Betty molests her some more, but shortly Jake is romping her, romping her little snatch stiff with his gigantic fuck-stick.

Then Betty determines she wants some too and mounts her with a rope on. She boinks the nymph now as Jake embarks digging around for loot. When he tires of that, he pushes Betty off and rapes the female again with the glass fake penis, preparing her rump for what was to come next. He slams the fake penis stiff in her rump and she bellows in agony then sobs.

When he thinks she has enough prep, he pulls it out, then thrusts his own spunk-pump into her butt, sticking her rigid and deep. He rapes her for a while until he eventually finishes off deep in her arse.

She is fatigued, just blubbering, she can hardly budge. All of a sudden, Jake loops a string around her neck and commences to her. She musters up as much power as she can and trues to struggle. Her forearms, strap still trussed around her wrists, flop and wag, attempting to beat something. Betty lays on her gams, holding them, while molesting her honeypot as she observing the woman be ********* by Jake.

She fights for a excellent lengthy time, eyes open, tongue out, bod jacking and heaving--tits flopping around as her torso heaves. Her muscles contraction, the veins in her neck pop out and the cable constricts air. Ultimately, however, she slows down and after a bit, she is still. Dead. They murdered a youthfull, virginal woman on the night of her elder prom. The pushed her off like litter. They untied the straps and hastily gathered all their stuff. Then, they went to search the rest of the mansion for things to steal. They left her laying, dead, sprawled throughout the sofa she grew up on and and now, was killed on.
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