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Peachy Keen Films-Last Night Out

Peachy Keen Films-Last Night Out

Runtime : 48min 57s
File Size : 1.51 GB
Resolution : 854x480

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Last Night Out
Starring Tessa

After a soiree, a youthful chick is picked up by an undercover cop and taken for interrogation. But shortly, she realized she is in grief. He is no cop, and she has been abducted. Cruelty and tyranny reign as she is hammered, corded to a tabouret, bashed and tazered and left with a bag on her head. Eventually, when her painfully damaged bod is laying unconscious, she is taken away only to wake up roped too a wood framework.

Continuing the conditioning for the customer, he lubes her front and back, cautiously probing and fumbling all her parts. Once he is pleased, he vibrated her sexually, very first with his arms, then with the vibrator until she has numerous, uncontrolled ejaculations. On the ragged mattress the customer takes her. First-ever, forcing her to gargle his salami. Choking her with it. Slobber. Then, he plows her ever way he can. Ultimately, he has her inhale him off until he spunks in her facehole and face.

Left on the mattress, abased, hurt, she begs to be let go. Then, the man--the faux cop who kidnaped her, strike her, harassed her--comes back. She expects him to uncuff her---this night will be over.


A strap is packaged around her neck. She commences fighting, upright, then falls to the mattress, bending her pelvis, jiggling her gams. Her face turns crimson. She is horrified and frenzied, struggling at the cable gouging into her gentle skin. Her eyes spin back, her tongue plunges out. Her entire figure twitches and drains.

She last a while. She wants to live. She is youthfull, her entire brief life now showcasing before her. Then, she fades, eyes flip back, her figure drains a few more times, then she is still. Loosened. Eyes open, jaws open.

He takes the strap off---the tough crimson wet line on her neck left--her figure hammered, lifeless. She is rubbish now. She must be liquidated afterward.

He leaves the dead nymph alone on the mattress, sprawled out, eyes gawping at nothing, facehole agape. Her gams opened up. Inviting.

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