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Peachy Keen Films-Clumsy Thief

Peachy Keen Films-Clumsy Thief

Runtime : 21min 56s
File Size : 1.54 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Peachy Keen Films-Clumsy Thief.mp4 - 1.5 GB

Clumsy Thief
Starring Ivy Aura and Rock

Rock comes in an room cautiously, a pistol hanging out of his back pocket. He rummages around searching thru cabinets and drawers. He hears a noise and panics, the gun falls out of his pocket as he bolts for a closet.

Ivy comes homes and sits down on her sofa, rummaging thru a massive shoulder bag. Rock eyes the pistol, waiting for the right moment. Ivy catapults her bag down, she leave behind something and sheТs fairly angry. She observes the gun on the ground and determines she should call the cops. She gets up and Rock bolts for the gun, picking it up and shoots her in the torso.

He hauls her to the couch and starts massaging her. He rips her half-top and pulls off her miniskirt and brassiere. He softly eliminates her high-heeled slippers and gropes her milky tights. He pulls off his trousers and uses her soles to knead his schlong. He takes off her stocking and resumes milking himself off with her pretty, tiny soles.

He pushes his rod down her mouth as she pleads him to stop. He takes off her tights and embarks pummeling her stiff. He leans her over and screws her more before returning her back to her back. After a few minutes she embarks to fade, fighting to breath and briefly she is dead and will-less. He porks her tighter knowing this lil' tramp is uber-cute and dead, jizzing inwards of her.

He gets clothed, grasps his gun, and leaves her there.

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