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Peachy Keen Films-Dating Game part 2

Peachy Keen Films-Dating Game part 2

Runtime : 23min 34s
File Size : 603 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Dating Game 2
Mr. Pink
Starring: Roxy Rox
Directed By John Marshall

There are 12 rules to the game. All participants were acquainted. Messing up, could mean their own death. Mr. Rosy dreamed to attempt something different. Something outside the cell. He had his mark. Now it was time to put the plan in motility. She had been dating studs online for a few months now. She figured it was the fresh way to meet someone. After all, she was 28 and not getting any junior. Her parents were indeed pressuring her to lodge down.
So, she would come home from one appointment, and then, go on another. Fellow roulette. When she left the building this time, someone was there. Mr. Pinkish. He did not remain lengthy....just installing a hidden camera so he could observe her for a while. Another day and she was out of the douche and sitting on her couch scrolling thru the prospects on the dating website. Not much to pick from today. Then abruptly, a boy was in her apartment.

She frightened, told him to leave, but he was not planning to. She got up, tossing things at him, then frantically charged him---hoping to fright him off. But, he hammer her and eventually got her back on the couch.
The rape started.

To her it lasted forever. The guy was inwards her, in every position---sweating on her, his rod in her pussy--violating her. She was sick. She was sobbing. She did not understand--it was nearly un-fucking-real.

Then, it was over. The dude said some stuff she was not listing too---only that, it sounded like he was videoing her for some reason. Something about a camera. WTF. But, he would let her go. She perceived relaxed until it was around her neck. Something, cutting off her air. A cable. Tight--so taut.

She was pulled back back Mr. Rosy, savoring the views he know his camera was getting. He was charged up, exhilarated, and let it flash in his face and the force with which he dug that string into her neck.

She opened up every muscle and tendon, attempting to unload that strap off of her. Her bod contracted, then spread more, her gams wiggling with effort, her thighs wriggling and rising in momentous twitches to break free.

But nothing would stop this. She would weaken. She would die. And, she did.

Her dead husk sprawled on her sofa, he left her to go review the footage and preparation it for obedience. He perceived she had a fine death and

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