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Psycho-Thrillers-Mom And Daughter Of Orange County

Psycho-Thrillers-Mom And Daughter Of Orange County

Runtime : 30min 10s
File Size : 820 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Persia & Colby have fun a rich mom and daughter-in-law whose spouse has hired an landscaper to work on the out design of the mansion all day lengthy. When he comebacks, the mommy asks him what the price and laughs when she believes the price he quotes is far too high. Incapable to comeback to the office with half a check and bothered by the powerless economy, their the landscaper perceives hew is boxed into a corner when the gals reject to cooperate and assist him. Their laughter and arrogance enrages him and leads to committing a crime he never thought he’d ever do, murder.

He beats the mother with his rigid workman knuckle, knocking her out and then embarks on the daughter-in-law who is much rougher than the mommy. He corrals her into a sleeper hold that slows her down and knocks her out. Once both ladies are helpless, he colons in to his internal urges and commences to fondle them. The mommy has an giant funbag endowment too alluring to pass up and he places his arms on them. He works her supah bra-stuffers thru his thirsty thumbs and briefly has her unclothed. H opens up her gams and uncovers a fur covered snatch with dark Mediterranean honeypot lips. He permits himself to taste and blow on her slit, making her scream in sheer pleasure. He moves over to the daughter-in-law, liquidates her white-green undies and does the same, sampling her juicy, neat puss.

He takes his time with both of them then determines to truss their palms behind their backs. When they wake up, the daughter-in-law is ball-gagged. He is sitting and coerces the mommy to fellate his chisel as the daughter-in-law curses him thru the gag. Arrogant and never realizing the level of danger they are in, the daughter-in-law is drilled very first as thew mother can only observe. He nailed thru Colby’s poon, causing her some ache but she’s a gigantic nymph and deals with it. He then turns to the mommy and smashes her too.

When he is completed with both, he knows what he has to do. He eliminates the gag from Colby’s lips and starts to smother her. The mommy prays as Colby attempts to fight and thrash her way out of it but no avail. After a lengthy fight for her life, Colby yanks and dies. The mummy, in order to save her own butt, tells him about $50,000 she stashed in the bedroom. He thanks her then uses the water hosepipe to intensity the life from her sensual bod. He mummy yanks ferociously and dies a shitty death. To make sure they are not simply unconscious, he snaps both of their necks for excellent measure then makes his way to the bedroom to view for the money. He will need it to avoid the police.

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