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Psycho-Thrillers-Bounty Hunters Revenge

Psycho-Thrillers-Bounty Hunters Revenge

Runtime : 25min 0s
File Size : 1.18 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Gift Hunter flipped up on his motorcycle, pull out a desired paper and call dispatch to confirm address.

He ambles around the palace, looks thru the windows, and knocks on the door.

The fugitive dame is eyeing him from behind her curtains. She knows who he is and

sneaks out thru the back door, but the Gift Hunter witnesses her and pursues her down.

He catches her, cuffs and drugged her inwards the palace to calls cops to pick her up.

She attempts to use her doll allurement abilities very first to flirt with him. Suggesting him service for let her go.

The Gift Hunter doesn’t care about her suggest. He wants his prize money. He orders her sit down and don’t converse. She keeps attempting to tempt him, she asks him to go to wc. When he picks her up she knees him in his scrotum. He heads down on his knees, she attempts to knee him in his face, but he stops her and tosses her back on bed.

He is raging. He told her. “If she want to be a superslut, he will be a dick!”

“She is going to prison so she will not witness chisel for while so love it.”

He coerces her down on her knees, pulls his spear out and coerces her to deep-throat him. Tosses her on sofa, opens her gams and stuffs his weenie inwards her honeypot.

She wail, pleading him let her go, but doesn’t care, he luvs tightness of her cooch. After pulverizing her from different postures he orgasms inwards her. He told her “he did her a favor by nutting inwards her, they will let you go in Nine months when her baby is born.” She sobs, and attempts to get up to knees him in the ballsack again. This time she crossed the line, he spanks her via the face, pulls out garrote, puts it around her neck and strangler her. When he completes her off, he inserted her undies in her jaws and leave before the cops demonstrate up.

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