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Peachy Keen Films-Bane's Sure Bet

Peachy Keen Films-Bane's Sure Bet

Runtime : 37min 1s
File Size : 2.22 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Peachy Keen Films-Bane's Sure Bet.wmv - 2.2 GB

Starring Penny Pax, Willow Hays, Sarah and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Bane is on to his next enormous scheme! At a local underground booking agency, Sarah is just cramming up for the day when Bane comes in, He requests the earnings for the week and trusses her to a tabouret, taunting her all the while.

Fortunately, Wonder Chick and The Showcase came to unload the distorted booking agent, once the heroines watch the skimpy female, strapped and tantalized by the nefarious Bane, they rush to save her, disarming Bane, but Bane still has his imperious intensity and rapidly over takes the femmes.

He dishevels and cuffs them, then, while making sure his fresh trussed pet Sarah witnesses, he takes out his evil spunk-pump and slips it into Flash's taut labia and begins to nail her. As she wakes, she attempts to stimulate out of the handcuffs, but Banes supah powerful shoves keep her from moving too hasty.

He tears up her beaver rock hard and swift, making sure she senses every inch, the trussed bookie cries and prays as Bane takes the heroine, but as Wonder Chick commences to wake up, Bane determines it's time to have her. He tosses her on the floor and ravages his pipe into her, before picking both heroines up and making them idolize and deep-throat his pink cigar until he spunks.

Sarah keeps snivelling and weeping, so Bane spanks her, snapping her neck immediately, He rushes over and takes hold of a wire and wraps it around Wonder Womans neck and smothers her, she crushes and struggles but ultimately weakens and begins to get closer to death.

Once Wonder Female is dead, Bane moves to Demonstrate and smothers her, she wiggles and convulses, but like the 2 femmes before her, weakens and leisurely dies.

Bane takes all his rewards and leave the trio dead femmes where they lay.

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