Peachy Keen Films-BAD DATE part 3

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Maddie sits on the bed saying her finest buddy about a gruesome encounter and time she has had with a dude who has been a bit of a creeper. Swift to dismiss his unusual demeanor she promises her acquaintance that he wouldnТt hurt her and suspends up. Just as she puts the phone down the Уman of the hourФ rushes in and hauls her to the floor. Absolutely horrified she groans and requests to know what he is doing in her mansion. He uses a taser on her and she swiftly realizes struggling wonТt get her out of this. She prays to be let go as his knuckle pulverizes into her side. He handcuffs her and embarks perceiving her up, raising up her mini-skirt to strength his frigs inwards her. A lil' dry, so he pushes his frigs in her facehole to get them raw. She prays to be let go before the crazed lunatic gasps her. Witnessing she wonТt have fun along, he tazes numerous times before gagging her again and then tazing her in the neck. She passes out.

She wakes up on the sofa, her arm still manacled as he sits astride her. Getting up he gives her terrfied bum a few spanks and tases her some more, everytime her figure vilently wiggling as electicitity shoots thru her bod. The bi-atch wonТt get humid so he can have fun with her. He uncuffs her and liquidates her sundress before strapping her to the couch and gagging her to keep her calm. He pulls out a knife and her asking gets more desperate as he embarks leisurely cutting off her clothes, her hooter-sling very first and then her ebony lacey underpants. He rubs her hooters and touches her beaver, saying her that this is how it should have been before gagging her some more, reminding her that her life is restricted totally in his forearms. He wets his thumbs in her mouth and thrusts them into her, finger pummeling her deep. He twists her nips and stings them, and coerces his frigs down her hatch until she gags. She prays to go as he starts gobbling her unwilling poon. He spanks her as she tells him there is something wrong with him.

He pulls a glass bottle out of the drawer and as she requests to know what heТs going to do with it, he wedges it down on her figure before thrusting it into her cooter. He porks her with the bottle for a while and then pulls a vibrator out from the drawer. She lays defenseless as it embarks to make her humid for a boy she doesnТt want. She jizzes firm, her gams jiggle and tremble as she pleads to not spunk. She eventually violates and lays overwhelm on the couch as he unties her.

He pulls her off the sofa and whips out his jizz-shotgun and tells her to open her throat, menacing to kill her if she doesnТt obey. Grasping her by the hair he pulls her jaws onto his meatpipe, slobber runs out of her jaws as he pumps her jaws. He arches her over and takes her labia from behind, taking what should have been his all along, using her for what she is superb for. She prays him to stop but he keeps penetrating her. He lays her on her back and she takes him in as she looks away from the horrible thing happening to her. When she prays, he gasps her more providing her that reminder. He gets her on the sofa and resumes to shove against her thru her groans, her sobs, and her rejections until he shoots his torrid explosion inwards her, she falls to her side and his jizz drips out of her slit. He handcuffs her wrists to her ankles and leaves her.

When he comebacks she pleads to live. He gives her a УchanceФ by suggesting to permit her to redeem herself by gargling another explosion out of his man-meat. He pulls his manhood out and she takes it in her throat obviously attempting to save her own life. She gives him a supreme dt, gasping and drooling all over his trouser snake, she screams as if she likes it. He eventually splashes his sausage on her face, a solid jet of jism sights off her cheek. Thinking she has redeemed herself she takes a deep breath as he pulls up his trousers.

She thinks itТs all over when all of a sudden he wraps a cable around her neck and grapples her to the ground. Her face instantly turns purple as her blood liberates oxygen. The fight on the ground lasts for a few minutes as the life and will to live leisurely fades from MaddieТs eyes. He leaves the lil' cockslut on the ground and moves on to find another victim.
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