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Peachy Keen Films-The Execution Of Soleil

Peachy Keen Films-The Execution Of Soleil
Starring Soleil


A young woman is brutally executed by being stabbed many, many times. her body is left to bleed out on the floor.
This is a movie to consider if you like traditional effects, realistic blood, and scenes of peril. Soleil does a great job and really got into it.


A young woman is led into a dark chamber. She is told to strip and nervously does so. She is scared--crying.

The executioner reads her sentence.

He then moved behind her as she stands shivering in fear, and plunges the knife into her.

She is stabbed multiple times though the back--sometimes the blade tip is shown protruding from the front. Blood pours from the wounds, dripping down her front, her back, and streaming off her little ass to the concrete floor.

She is down on her knees now. He comes around her front, then stabs her some more. As she bends forward, he goes back around and stabs her in the back again, several time.

She now collapse to the floor, in pain--dying. Blood everywhere.

He kneels down behind her, touches her hair for a moment, then stabs her in the back--finishing her. She is dead

He drags her body into the blood pool and leaves her body for the workers to clean up.

Peachy Keen Films-The Execution Of Soleil
Peachy Keen Films-The Execution Of Soleil

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I love love love our Fingerprint books. I've owned all of them for a long time (I've the read the first one so much that the cover is falling apart). Is there a cahnce that you will continue with the series with book 8? I'd love to read more of the saga. Please let me know ASAP so I know how excited to get.

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