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Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution

Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution
Download PKF-Employee Sexecution. A new secretary is fooling already slacking off. She found some internet porn and was masturbating to it while on the job. Unfortunately, she was caught on camera and the boss confronted her.
Violation of company policy means immediate execution. She thought he was joking until he pointed a gun at her. To preserve her life, she went from scared to cautiously flirtatious, offering up her beautify body in exchange for her young life. The boss was eager to see what she would do and after a moment of rubbing her fine breast through the thin fabric of her shirt--she treated him to a blow job.
After he shot his load all over her chest, the mood was broken and he took her out to finish the job.
He put her up against a post that he kept in his office for just such an event. He handcuffed her harms behind the post.
She begged and pleaded for her life and even resorted to the age old "you will never get away with it", line. But he knew better--after all, he was a corporation--they can get away with anything.
He played with her a bit longer, rubbing her tits and pussy through the fabric of her clothing. Then, he raised his weapon up and fired into her. A shot tore through her upper chest and anther through the meat of her right breast. She was in agony and started sinking down. But, he grabbed her throat and pulled her up.
She winced and moaned in pain. He continued to play with her some more, then shot her again. This time a bullet tore through her pelvis and then her upper abdomen. Again she reacted in intense pain, swaying in her stance. Her bladder released down her legs and splattering on the stained wood below.
He took this time to rub his cock on her pantyhos fabric around her pussy. He sucked on her tits some more and listed to her whimper in pain. Then, it was time to finish the job.
He shot her in the left breast, right around the nipple. Then, he shot her squarely in the chest, right between her tits. This was almost the end. Blood pooled up in her mouth and she sank right to the ground, spasming and jerking.
She was still barely alive.
He uncuffed her and layed her out. Then he played with her some more as she spasmed and jerked. As he rubbed her pussy, her bladder released again---her warm urine trickled through his fingers.
He placed his silenced gun between her tits and shot her two more time. She was dead, just barely twitching.
He put her on the sofa, then fucked her mouth. Then he layed her down and masturbated with her hand until coming all over her tits and face.
He then stripped her, cleaned her up and left sprawled out on the sofa to finish cleaning up later.

Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution
Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution
Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution
Peachy Keen Films-Employee Sexecution

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Download Employee Sexecution

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#1 wrote: Dilaxana (8 December 2013 12:52)
...Bang bang, he shot me downBang bang, I hit the groundBang bang, that awful soundBang bang, my baby shot me down.I know this is not the place for kaoakre, but when I saw those shoes and someone here mentioned Cher, I just couldn't resist..

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