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2 damsels check into house/hostel in Mexico. Tia is exhausted and not glad with the service on airplane where Britney likes the sight from their apartment, she can't wait to go out to soiree. Britney begin choosing her clothes for the night out, then the phone ring. Tia pick it up and nobody is there, but she can heard someone sighing on the other end. It entirely weirdos her out. Britney ask her what's wrong? She tells her and Britney say, it was most likely wrong number and don't pay attention to it.
Tia heads to take douche and freshen up. During douche someone was witnessing her. In the other apartment
Britney is getting her clothes prepared for night out. She pulls out stalking’s, positioned on the side of the couch then she gets the rest of her stuff from her suitcase. When she heads back, one stalking is missing. She thought she made error and looks for it again. When she is down on her knees going thru her suitcase, she looks next to her and see's a dude holding her stalking in his mitt. She attempts to yell, but the hooded guy wrap her stalking around her neck and strangled her with all his strength on her neck.
Tia comes back and bathroom, but it didn't help her to wake up. She is even more fatigued. She lies down on couch next to Britney not knowing Britney is dead.
The hooded man tracing Tia's assets with his thumbs aiming for the neck.
Tia opened her eyes, but as briefly as she portion the killer’s powerful mitts are on her neck, hoisting her small bod off the sofa into the air and jamming her against wall. Tia attempts to struggle, but the killer is too intense. He killed her just by hoisting her up, he stranged her with his mighty take hold of. Then he porked both body's until he shoots a load all over their butts.
He calls the chief, his got the assets parts they need.

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