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Peachy Keen Films-Backwoods Murder

Peachy Keen Films-Backwoods Murder

Runtime : 8min 58s
File Size : 501 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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ItТs a luxurious, sunny day and Ashley has the day off so she determines to go for a hike. SheТs been truly stressed out at work and her beau is engaged today so she determines to go for a lil' nature time by herself. ItТs just so spectacular out and she wants to take advantage of the sunshine and new air to clear her head and loosen some pressure.

SheТs ambling along, taking some indeed super-cute images and liking the super-sexy glance, when a fellow approaches her with a gun. She is led to a grassy field, the gun pointed at her back. When they reach a puny clearing encircled by trees, the guy tells her to unclothe with the gun still pointed gay-for-pay at her pecs. Appalled, she does what the fellow says.

After sheТs unclothed off all her clothes, the guy holds up the gun, prepped to shoot. She pleads and begs with him, but he shoots her square in the pecs and she falls rearwards on the ground. She wails and bellows, moving her mitts and gams leisurely in agony and shock.

The stud approaches her on the ground, and she weakly attempts to protest and hold her forearms up as if to protect herself from oncoming danger. But he fires again, and she falls still, blood seeping from the 2 gunshot bruises in her torso. He hoists her up and carries her bod to another clearing near a explosion, where he can dispose of the figure afterwards. After laying her sumptuous, gutless bod on the ground, the guy leaves to gather his delivers, leaving her behind.

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