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Peachy Keen Films-Assassin in the Kitchen

Peachy Keen Films-Assassin in the Kitchen

Runtime : 13min 42s
File Size : 359 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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The killer Assassin Pepper has been hired for a job and thinks she has her slave in her glances, not knowing that its actually been a set up and she is the job. The Other hitman waits and from under the table shoots her right in the puss.
She puts her forearms inbetween her gams and observes the blood.
She falls to the floor taking another shot to the pecs. She swoons from the anguish and the hitman leisurely disrobes her down.
If heТs getting the job done why not have some joy he thinks to him self. He tosses her up on the table and has his way with her. The trill of the kill is what gets him aroused so right as he finishes off he shoots Pepper in the belly.
He has one more game to have fun with her. he lays her back on the floor right on the blade of her knife.
She Bleeds out and dies as the hitman has his joy with her one more time.

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