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Peachy Keen Films-Acute MI

Peachy Keen Films-Acute MI

Runtime : 13min 22s
File Size : 277 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Bratty, youthfull Marilyn is arguing with her father. “Fuck You!”, she exclaims as she commences to walk downstairs. Exasperated, Marilyn embarks to sense sink into a faint as she nears the bottom. Then abruptly, Marilyn loses contentiousness and falls down the bottom stairs. She grounds and lays there almost lifeless with her gams stretched. Her parent, hearing the thud, comes fastly to her aid. He assesses the situation and embarks with rescue breaths. Then he commences compressions. He cycles thru the breaths and compressions despairingly trying to save his daughter’s life.

Experiencing that the outfit is too limitary her father now commences to liquidate garment. After liquidating her footwear and boots he elevates her top above her titties. He then starts breaths and compressions. But again, getting nowhere he eliminates her undergarments and bathing suit top revealing her obese mammories. He embarks breaths and compressions once again despairingly attempting to save his daughter’s life.

Eventually, he realizes she there is no reviving her and to confirm he checks for a pulse—but nothing, Marilyn is gone.

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