Peachy Keen Films-A Study in Chloroform

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A super-sexy blond dame ambles, bare, into the apartment, pert milk cans and rigid caboose hypnotic in their perfection. She slides on a pair of sheer stockings, her puffies increasing in size rigid, her cooter damp, from the glamour sense of them as they encase her lengthy, shapely gams. She admires herself in the mirror, her arousal getting larger and she can’t help but slip a mitt down inbetween her gams. It isn’t lengthy before she is on the sofa, thumbs toying with her firm bud, her engorged puss, making herself shriek in sheer pleasure. We observe as she shamelessly gets herself off and then curls up to sleep in a post-orgasmic haze. As she sleeps, a unusual guy creeps in. Crawling into couch with her, he fondles her baps, reaches his arm inbetween her gams to perceive her raw coochie. The vibration rouses her and she fights to escape this unknown fondler. He is ready, tho, and clips a chloroform drenched rags over her face. Her eyes spin back and she loses consciousness.

It becomes a game for the guy. He orders her to her knees, to inhale on his rigid pink cigar, which she does, panicked of what he may do if she fails to obey. When he commences to nail her, however, she sobs out, his phat hard-on ripping into her sensitive beaver, and struggles back. Another application of the chloroform puts her to sleep and he continues pummeling deep inwards her. He shifts her over to come in her from behind, harshly prodding into her. Whenever she attempts to struggle his attack in any way, he just puts her back to sleep. Groggy and defenseless, she suffers his fierce pulverizing, her sobs of pain unheeded by the stud. Prodding her to her knees again, he boinks her face, taking hold of her head rigidly, as he coerces her to take a fountain of jism in her throat. She is so feeble and woozy at that point that she slumps against the sofa, still on her knees, as nut-juice and slobber seep from her throat and run in rivulets down her chin.

Now that his passion has been satisfied, he moves behind her for the final lump of the night’s spectacle. Seizing the stocking she once wore, he wraps them around her neck and squashes, gasping the life from her. She claws at her neck, desperate to relax the pantyhose smothering her, but she is already so powerless, chloroformed and screwed senseless. Her movements become weaker, throat wide open open, tongue lolling out, until her pretty eyes coat over, death claiming her youthfull and manhandled figure. Still, so sumptuous, even in death, her attacker takes the time to wank off, depositing yet another stream of goo onto her naked torso. He leaves her dead figure, nude and used, batter dribbling from her gullet and crusting on her handsome tits.
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