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Peachy Keen Films-A Killer is Waiting

Peachy Keen Films-A Killer is Waiting
Peachy Keen Films-A Killer is Waiting
Peachy Keen Films-A Killer is Waiting

Runtime : 54min 35s
File Size : 688 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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A youthful lady recently penniless up with her wealthy beau and is now living in one of his rooms. While she is on the phone with a pal, it is noted that there has been a few latest murders in the city of women living alone. Though, she does not seem concerned. But she should be, for as she leaves the apartment for a moment, it is exposed that the gorgeous has really chosen her to be his next slave. When she comes in the apartment, he attempts to subdue her with chloroform, but fails and a short fight follows. But, he finally is able to put her out.
After rubbing and frigging her for a bit, he trusses her up on the couch. She regains consciousness and is fighting, but he menaces her with a knife and resumes his onslaught. He frigs and fuck sticks her before forcing her to gargle his jizz-shotgun. Briefly he is porking her in a few ways, forcing her to obey with threats of cruelty. Howling incoherently she permits herself to be broken. Once he is satiated, he puts her out again.
Afterward, he comes back and promises to let her live if she inhales him off again. She does....and in the end, he blows his blast in her gullet and face. She is blubbering and hopeful he will unbind her. But, instead, he wraps a garrote around her neck and throttled her to death. Then he leaves her cooling corpse on the sofa for mates to find.

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