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Peachy Keen Films-4 Girls and a Psycho

Peachy Keen Films-4 Girls and a Psycho

Peachy Keen Films-4 Girls and a Psycho
Peachy Keen Films-4 Girls and a Psycho

Runtime : 31min 18s
File Size : 798 MB
Resolution : 640x360

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Jelliana, Ivy, Brook, and Delta are talking in their room dressed in marvelous undergarments, tights and high high-heeled shoes. Jelliana just moneyless up with her beau and she needs some encouragement to budge on.

They experience posing in their undergarments, dancing and sniggering. But their joy is brief lived. An intruder pumps out in, pistol in arm. Jelliana’s bf has come back to complete the job apparently an unhinged Psycho. He knocks Jelliana out and trusses up her mates.

He playthings with them, choosing to execute them one by one. He prefers Ivy first-ever, wrapping a clear plastic bag around her head and suffocating her. She fights, weeping and groaning, the bag getting harder and stiffer, until she is dead.

Brooke is the next successful marionette, the plastic bag throating the life out of her as her soles punch and her bod flails.

The Psycho thinks maybe he should let Delta go. Both femmes agree and expecting for the finest. But Delta only finds the inwards of the plastic bag as it is blown into her gullet, her lungs pulling it deeper until she dies.

Leaving their bods, the Psycho brings Jelliana to his dungeon space, her neck in a noose, her soles on a tabouret. Who does she think she is? Leaving him just like THAT? She prays and prays, saying him he is sorry.

He laments that he will miss her flawless bumpers, saying her he likes her before crushing the tabouret and jamming the noose rigidly around her neck. She gasps and fights, her soles crushing and jiggling. Her bf plays with her hooters as she proceeds to suspend, his smirk taunting her in her last moments. Her chokes get taller shorter, her gasping quieter and briefly she is as dead as her friends.

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