Darks Rooms-Black Crane Where the Legend Begins

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1991: You may consider this the commencing of the pioneer of a beat doll that for years has been well known. Well known by the government and the underworld. Her real name was Charlotte Bedlam. She was a youthful lady that was given a life sentence for a duo murders she committed. It was vengeance for being plowed over. Her paramour cheated on her. She murdered both the female that her paramour was hotwife with and her paramour. Death was strangulation with her own tights. She also stuck a knife into their coochies. She is not one of those ladies that you pee off in any way. Plus she was a sexual masochist. “the company” came via her criminal file and loved what they read about her. She was a ideal candidate for a pro beautiful stance. This is where her vet truly embarks. It was her first-ever pro kill.

She sat and waited at her designated motel for that sensational shell. The shell contained information for her first-ever assignment. Her very first hit! She observes it glided thru the door at midnight. She captures it with anticipation and opens it up and witnesses the following info:

Target Name: Lucy Clifter

Age: 24

Home address: 31 kickter St.

Coltanier city

Family Status: She is the daughter-in-law of Senator Cameron Clifter

Age: 44

Orders: The customer that ordered this strike wants the senator’s daughter-in-law to be taken out to flash what happens when the person thinks corruption is a superb way to go. The senator is into illegal doings. The customer wants him to pay the price. Have the guilt lick him alive inwards along with the loss of his daughter-in-law. This will have him come tidy and be prosecuted. This is your very first assignment. This will flash how capable of a pro fantastic you can be. Take your target by any kill method you prefer. Kill any watches.

She looked over the info a duo of times to body out how she was going to beat. What she was going to use for a weapon of choice.

One morning Lucy’s parent went to work. Her mommy was on a biz tour. She jumped into the douche. While she was in the douche, there was the sound of a mirror getting moneyless into shards of glass. Lucy was unsuspicious of the noise and the evil that was inwards her palace.

Lucy got out of the douche and ambled into her bedroom bootless. As briefly as Lucy said out noisy “wtf happened to my mirror”, she was gripped from behind. Then the hammer gal pushed a chunk of glass thru the back of Lucy’s scull. The peak exited her facehole. Eyes flipped back into her head. She was dead. She unzipped the bathtub towel from her corpse and let her glob face down onto the battered mirror that was all over her floor. She distorted her head so that her face was being reflected in a lump of the mirror. She unclothed out of her dark-hued sundress, stocking, and high-heeled shoes. She said “you know it’s been a lengthy time since I got bare for another gal. Hehe.” She then seized Lucy’s dead and humid soles on her honeypot. She got sexually aroused to the point of an ejaculation. To her that was her sexual whip out. She used to love her lover’s soles kneaded on her honeypot. actually preferred dead doll soles massaged on her cooter now.
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