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Necro Porn | 18-11-2017, 16:12  

Crime House-Family Affair

Crime House-Family Affair
Crime House-Family Affair

Runtime : 20min 15s
File Size : 451 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Kit and Mary is a family duo. They are skimpy and don’t know what to do in the economic crisis. Mary says that her nephew is contract splendid and he earns fine money. Her spouse who was at the war is highly interested in this job. Mary’s nephew gives them the access to the secret contract killers’ Uber base where they can find subs and take offers. They have no guns and other weapons that’s why they prefer to kill youthful rich nymph, the ex-wife of senator and smother her. They have fun at excursion managers, call her and suggest VIP excursion, She invites them to her place. They come, Kit throttles her and Mary is witnessing at her death with superb enjoyment.

After she’s dead the spouse heads to another apartments searching for money and pearls. The wifey commences to have fun with dead bod, lovin’ new youthful corpse of rich woman. She takes of her clothes and put the underwear of dead gal. She smacks her butt and does some other stunning Necro manipulations.

The spouse comebacks to the apartment with dead bod and witnesses how his wild wifey is frolicking with the corpse. He gets angry – she massaged assets with her thumbs sans gloves. He doesn’t want to share the money with her and begins to smother her highly cruel. She is in shock – she just seen how awful the death is and she doesn’t want to join lifeless cold bod she just toyed with! It her last seconds of life she grasps underpants of dead chick and dies with her palms on the dead girls’ arse.

Kit stripes figures for total naked, puts clothes to massive bag with money, pleasure buttons and some other despoiled things and heads away.

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