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Crime House-Collectors

Crime House-Collectors
Crime House-Collectors

Runtime : 21min 4s
File Size : 507 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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2 shopaholic sisters had distress with their bank credit. Bailiff Marianna went to their room for property register but when she witnessed many brand-things from shops she determined to take them to herself.

But all of a sudden 2 hefty studs emerged in the plane. They are from collecting agency and they have another methods to take the property. They attacked all 3 ladies including bailiff. They don’t know what is law. They throttle ladies highly aggressive, take all clothes to sell it by webstore and take bods to sell them for meat-cafe and for human organs ebony market.

Fetish elements: strangulation, gasping, garroting, office miniskirt, office suit, death gawp, tongue out, gam stroking, knocking out. Knock out. Two guys kill Two chicks, bodipile, carrying bods.

Marianna was gasped, then she was garroted. Lengthy strangulation vignette in different poses and angles. After death she was undressed utter naked (lengthy sequence of undressing her).

Erika and Aleksandra were knocked out. 2 fellow were throttling them at the same time. Aleksandra died first-ever. Erika had lengthy ache near her sister’s dead bod. Erika did supreme gam boot and strangulation answer.

When all were dead, killers made bodypile and then carried bods out.

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