Chris Corner-Coldest Agent Coco

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Chris Corner-Coldest Agent Coco

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Agent Coco has been the hottest fresh recruit to the Agency in many years. Her colleague Agent Rex has been attempting to moderate her up a bit, but like his prior fucking partner, Kiki, she is a cold backside slut who gives no romps and always gives him guff for being a bathroom bag womanizer. Being on a stake out for days with minimal food and terrible coffee makes Coco a bit punchy, so when they discuss confident issues, and strategies, Coco gets mean and begins in on him, saying him what a contraption he indeed is. Rex let’s her know that the Director has trained them to head down to the studio room they have been observing and observe why there is no action for many hours. They end up in a bedroom sneaking around attempting to find out why it is so calm, and still. When Coco comes in she notices a box phone, in fact it is a Blueberry, which nowadays is only used by the Agencies, and politicians. They argue who will check the phone, and Coco takes it and begins to glance thru the numbers. Rex says he is heading to the douche, and puts his phone in the douche, and goes out the door to the hall looking into the bedroom. When Coco watches a number she recognizes, she calls, to her surprise and chagrin, she hears a phone ringing in the douche and draws her service weapon stinking a rat. She seizes the still ringing phone, and goes back to the bedroom, where Rex is now by the window, with his weapon drawn. When she eventually bods it out and looks up, it is too late, she attempts lifting her 9mm pistol but he fires Three rounds into her right side, sending her up against the wall. She looks at him puzzled, then urinated off, and attempts to dive and spin via the sofa while attempting to fire, but he buttplugs her with Two rounds, one in her back close to her spine which furthers the immobility of her gun palm. He hovers over her as she embarks to bleed out of Five crevices, burnt thru her milky sundress t-shirt. He gives her a opportunity to stand up, and when she does, she attempts to elevate her gun with the help of her left forearm. He shoots her once in the upper forearm above the elbow, making Six fuck holes utter, which knocks her pistol out of her arm and onto the sofa. After some back and forward dialogue, and Agent coco beginning to be in shock, he fires on her Four more times, riddling her left side, torso, jug and shoulder, and sending her into shock. She is bloody from all slots, and her milky t-shirt is embarking to glance crimson and milky. She begins to glide down the wall and he catches her, attempting not to make too much mud on the wall from the wound on her back. He throws her to the couch, and hovers over her. He tells her she is the Coldest slut ever and has plans for her bod later. She begins to cough up blood and looking rough still. He butt-plugs her one last time in the side knocker, right thru the heart. She grimaces insanely, but then heads broad spotted and still, dead from the final fatal wound. Agent Rex knows now is his time, so he ravages her super-sexy assets, checking out her wonderful soles in the strappy high stilettos that display her fantastic gams and toes. He plows her rock-hard, as her assets juggles back and forward, still bloodstained from all the shots. After he ejaculates rock-hard inwards her, he moves her over to face him again, on the sofa. He gets out his pointer pen and counts the injuries, the fatal one from coco’s service weapon, and the other Ten shots from his throwaway pistol. He cautiously notes how many shots are counted, and even tells her dead assets again how cold she was. Now he has to create a crime episode that works for him. As she is panned, he shoots himself in the shoulder with Coco’s 9mm, in visible anguish he puts the gun back in Coco’s mitt, and concludes off the call to the Agency, telling Coco went Rogue, shots fired, and Agent down. He attempts to manage his ache, and still wants to observe something, her titties. He opens her tee-shirt violently, and the buttons pop off, exposing her fabulous brassiere, which he lowers and showcases her brilliant boobs, with a duo fuck holes in them. After he pins her nips, and watches the blood coming out, he exits, waiting for the Ambulance to arrive. What a cold booty Agent Coco.
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