Psycho-Thrillers-Mommy Dearest

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This video begins with Rachel (toyed by India Summer) having consensual bang-out with a youthfull fellow who happens to be the son-in-law of a lengthy time mate and opponent named Tammy. They have romp in his bedroom and always cut it close to the point where she either escapes minutes before being discovered by Tammy or being caught leaving. Each time tammy argues with her sonnie over eyeing an elder gal but he defends their relationship, citing his enjoy for Rachel. Incapable to coax her sonnie, Tammy pays a mansion visit to Rachel but her threats fall on death ears as Rachel believes she is justified in watching Tammy’s son-in-law and having consensual hump with him. To prove her point, she has hump with Tammy’s sonny again, this time deliberately remaining late so Tammy could watch her leave her home. Rachel showcases off a infernal sneer as she leaves and Tammy comes in her home. This time Tammy determines not to let her wrath get the hottest of her. She will keep it deep inwards, hold onto it until she is well-prepped to whip out it. Rachel is cleaning her home when she is all of a sudden astonished to witness Tammy standing directly behind her in her home. Rachel is funked and asked how Tammy got inwards her home. Seconds afterward, Rachel is knocked unconscious. Tammy heads down to Rachel, sits her up and wraps a nylon pantyhose of hers rigidly around Rachel’s gullet. Rachel had always been a finer athlete than Tammy, always quicker, running like a deer but Tammy was always the heavier doll and Rachel’s lengthy gams couldn’t get her out of this one. Tammy could hear Rachel blubbering, nearly asking for the bearing she was bearing. Now Rachel understood but it was too late. It was a lesson Rachel will carry to her grave. Tammy limited on for dear life until Rachel was calm and still then laid her back. She limited Rachel give it up then heard her urine pack her jeans cut-offs. Nosey, Tammy always dreamed to know what Rachel had that she didn’t and she became nosey, fumbling Rachel’s rock hard breasts, her moist cooch and finally fellating on it. Even in death Rachel was ideal, her figure rigid and neat degustating. Tammy secretly reached an orgasm with Rachel, an acknowledgement to Rachel’s true sweetie, and her orgasmic capitulate to that inconvenient truth. Tammy went home and relieved in her son’s sofa reading a magazine when her son-in-law returned highly distressed after hearing Rachel may have had an accident or been hurt. Tammy was tranquil, confessing her role in Rachel’s demise, sensing certain that her sonny may be upset but his enjoy for his mommy would permit him to get over it in time. He cried in her forearms and she dissolved into his and moments afterwards his meatpipe was deep in her gullet then she was mounting and banging it and him. Hidden feelings of wanting him all to herself surfaced and she could ultimately let go. She was free as he packaged his belt around her jaws. At first-ever she accepted it but then attempted to escape when she sensed this was his moment to end her life. She attempted to struggle him off but his weenie driving fiercely thru her gentle puss urged her to practice both. Her climax flowed as she died at his arms, her assets giving up to his brutal tearing up attack. He pulled out and splashed perhaps the thickest stream of jelly he ever let out then coerced her sit lay on top of him. He snapped her neck 3 times to make sure she was dead. He knew his mother was heavy and as decided as him so he had to be confident of her death before he could close his eyes. Now he sensed justice had been served.
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