Chris Corner-Drug Mules Tourniquet

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A youthfull school schoolgirl is a drug courier for a cocaine middleman and this is her last job, she demonstrates up late to the warehouse where the thuggish group has plans for whoever the mule may be. Joe usually sends steaming femmes, and end up getting torn up and dead somehow. When she grips the hide out of her fill, they seize it up and embark to ravage with her. Adrian pulls out his 9mm and points it at her head telling, “shut the tear up up, we have to check out the hide and you aren’t going anywhere. She is funked as she says she needs to go and Adrian tosses her to the stool, pointing the gun at her head. She is appalled and embarks to cry. She prays for them to let her go and they laugh and torture her some more. They toss her up against the wall and make her unclothe, first-ever the mini-skirt, then the top, unveiling a lacy matching set of underpants.. Adrian says, “I wonder how excellent she can fellate.” He pust his gun in her facehole and makes her blow the cold steel like a pecker, and the tears spin down. She sobs and prays after inhaling his gun off. He then tells Physician to surprise her, so he pulls out his supah acute dark-hued steel knife. He cuts her boulder-holder and undies off as she weeps and attempts to pray to go home. The trio thugs are merciless, they toss her on the older dental stool and go to work, binding her forearms behind her and fashioning a tourniquet around her neck, and the stool back. Adrian embarks to tighten the wire, using Scarlets dagger to turn the node, Coco gasps out, and attempts to beg her case as they interrogate her meticulously and torture her to chat. She tells them what she knows and they take turns slurping her cootchie, capturing her breasts and teasing Coco, until she sobs again, praying. Adrian gives her a great poking as Medic tightens the Garrote, she chokes and twitches, attempting to crush out her gams. He ends inwards of her and as he ejaculates she pulls out her bladder on to the stool. He then smothers her to death, as the duo samples the fellate. She is bare, with her pumps on, kneeing her gams, attempting to get free, until she is still, eye mak-up running from the tears, and dread. He lingers on her to make sure, then eases the tourniquet, unsheathing a crimson mark from the wire. They all want to strike the bar for some shots and off some coca-cola so they exit, leaving the scorching mule, dead on the stool. Bod pans of the warm handsome stunner in high high-heeled shoes, dead!
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