» » Peachy Keen Films-Victim of Insignificance

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Peachy Keen Films-Victim of Insignificance

Peachy Keen Films-Victim of Insignificance

Peachy Keen Films-Victim of Insignificance
Peachy Keen Films-Victim of Insignificance

Runtime : 18min 16s
File Size : 478 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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It was a raunchy life. Born into a low income family, fighting with drugs, depression, Two pregnancies while attempting to get however college, and now, only Eighteen, and pimping herself out while her deadbeat mummy and father were working. The fellow was suspending around her school---he knew what he was looking for....someone youthfull. She knew what she desired, someone with $200 to spare. She would get him done in Ten minutes and then attempt to get her fuckin' math homework done.
1000's of teen nymphs go down this dark, depressing path every yr. And a thousand or more, end up they way Jelenna is going to. Aggressively killed---entirely due to her total insignificance. When things embarked to go awry, and he was savagely strangling her, all she could think off because the visible struggle for her life----please let me live---I will make finer decisions.

But, she was to become yet another statistic. She struggled valiantly, if gagging to death savagely could be called that. In the end, she was still. Dead. Tenuous. When it was over, he did not unwrap her. He did not want to watch her genitals. She was nothing to him. Another scab liquidated. That was all. He was, after all, a hero. Afterwards, parent came home. He did not want the distress, so he arraigned for pick up and removal. But before his acquaintance was to come, he went to that dark place. No one was looking. No one would ever know.

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