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Peachy Keen Films-Point Blank

Peachy Keen Films-Point Blank

Peachy Keen Films-Point Blank
Peachy Keen Films-Point Blank
Peachy Keen Films-Point Blank

Runtime : 18min 27s
File Size : 487 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Odette has just returned home from robbing a bank. Committing a felony truly takes a toll on a person and all she wants to do is to go to sleep. She leisurely peels her clothes off and climbs into sofa. Making sure that she has her gun within effortless reach, she turns out the lights and falls asleep. A few hours afterward, a burglar cracks into Odette’s place, looking for valuables. He spies the massive testicles of money from the bank robbery and thinks he’s beat the jackpot. Ever vigilant, Odette rolls on the light as he moves in the direction of the money and seizes her gun.

On her knees, she points the gun at the intruder. He is armed, as well, and they find themselves in each other’s glances, at point blank range. There is a strained moment, each gawping at the other, the stress palpable. Then twin loads, as they fire, muzzle displays and the odor of gun energy packing the apartment. When the smoke clears, the guy stays standing, while Odette bleeds from new pecs scars. She falls to the couch, leaking crimson.

The intruder liquidates her undies and seizes ahold of her little figure, shoving her against the wall, his humungous swelling pointing directly at her youthfull, uncovered cunny. He pulverizes her aggressively, unconcerned as she bleeds, weakly fighting against his onslaught. Carrying her like a rag chick, he tosses her on a table, pushing his penis into her cock-squeezing cooch and spinning her into whatever posture will perceive greatest. As he senses his ejaculation treatment, he shoves her against the wall again, pumping deeper inwards her, until he pulls out to jizz on her bleeding torso. Then he slips his gun all over her cracked figure, a tacit threat searing in his eyes. As his ultimate activity of violence, he shots her in the fuckbox. She slips down the wall, blood running from her lips. She pleads him to end it and he displays a hint of grace by shooting her in her mounds, her anguish evaporating, as her life is extinguished. Her gore and jizz stained corpse slumps down to the floor to stiffen and jaw-dropping in a pool of her own blood.

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