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Peachy Keen Films-Murdered at 18

Peachy Keen Films-Murdered at 18

Peachy Keen Films-Murdered at 18
Peachy Keen Films-Murdered at 18

Runtime : 41min 5s
File Size : 1.24 GB
Resolution : 768x432

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On her 18th bday she was abducted from her home. Now, she wakes up, alone, in a dark apartment, draping upside-down. She calls out for help. A stud displays up. He is tranquil and creapy. She is funked. Then, he is beside her, watching her. She wants to go home so painfully. He plundges the injection needle into her neck. She won't ever be going home now.
She convulses and jiggles. Foam wells up in her gullet and unload out her hatch. She resumes to wiggle cruelly, then slows. Then, she is still. He lets her down. He sees her assets, then gropes it as it lay still on the cold concrete. He opens his salami and takes out the chick.
In his home, he carries this teen chick. So youthfull, virginal, and so highly, highly dead. It has been a few hours. Her assets was greyish, some damaging, and her areolas faded. She gawped blankly. Rigger was over and she was maluable. Now she was in that yummy spot, flawless for his--entertainment.
So, he spent time with her. Leisurely disrobing her, then studying her meticulously. Smooching her, felling her wondrous assets, fingerblasting her pussy---licking her snatch. When he weary of that, he pulled her next to him and rested. Time transferred again and he woke with her cuddled against him. He perceived her coochie, then was prepared to do more to her.
He let her mitt harden his hard-on, then wedged it into her gullet. That sensed superb. He did that for a while. Now he was highly hard--throbbing, wanting to perceive her so painfully. So, he did. He had hump with her in many ways until he was sated. When he was done, he posed her at the end of the couch in the way he loved to---like the "others" he had taken before her. And, she would undoubtedly not be his last. He left to make himself some breakfast after working so hard.

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