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Peachy Keen Films-BFF Necro

Peachy Keen Films-BFF Necro

Peachy Keen Films-BFF Necro

Runtime : 22min 6s
File Size : 594 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Jessika was doing the laundry, like she always does on Thursdays when she had no classes. She emptied the dryer--dressed casual in tight shorts and a tight t-shirt tank with no bra. She was happy, humming a tune. Then, she slipped--fell back, smacking her head on the washer--crack goes her neck. She crumples to the floor and starts spasming.

After a few moments she stops. Still. Dead.
Trixie, her best friend comes in and finds her. She tries to shake her, but realizes that she is dead. Instead of calling the police, she decides to to what she has always wanted to do with Jessika. She leans down, lightly touches her....the feel of Jessika's skin is so smooth. She gets aroused. She keeps going, slowly fondling her and feeling her through her clothes.

She gets some blankets and lays her on them to make it more comfortable for both of them, though, at this point, she is sure Jessika does not care anymore. Soon, she undresses her--but she takes her time. When Jessika is naked, she leans down, kisses her neck, then licks her supple, small breasts. She continues to play with her and eventually, she spreads her legs and puts her face between them, tasting her.

After a while she lifts her up onto the washer, puts on a strap on and and makes love to sweet Jessika. She continues to fondle her and licks her.

The next morning, she awakens with Jessika's naked dead body on top of her. She rolls her off, then plays with her some more. She sits her up, dangles her limbs. Then she puts her ass in the air, knocks her over, then spread her legs, then rolls her on her side, then back again.

After having so much fun with her, she lifts her back up on the washer and dryer, letting her sprawl across with her arms hanging over he head. Then she leaves.

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