Peachy Keen Films-Raped and Strangled

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Savannah sits alone in her building. The phone rings. It’s her pal, saying her to observe the news. A stunning is on the liberate in her surroundings. She locks her doors and windows while her pals waits on the line, but when she picks up the phone, no one is there. Then the first-ever brunt happens. He was stashing behind the bed and looped the garrote around her neck. She struggled stiff, attempting her finest to thrust at the attackers wrists, but it was no use and she ultimately handed out.

He takes his jummy time, knowing he has time on his side. He leisurely inspects the marvelous nymph, rubbing her hooters, pulling her bathing suit bottoms to the side to apex at the treasure beneath. Then he moves leisurely down her gams and too her soles, take sensational time to perceive and touch them as brilliant as they were.

When she wakes up, he is pointing a gun at her. He compels her to gargle him off. She does so unwillingly. When she is done, he garrote strngled her again. Like before, she fights rock hard, her entire assets spinning about like kinky. Finally, she passes out again. He eliminates her tops, admiring and pawing her immense funbags. He liquidates her bottoms, degustating her succulent vagina. He plays with her entire figure flopping her unconscious shape about. Then he sets her up against the bed, wraps the garrote around her neck and waits for her to wake up again.

When she wakes up, he instantly strngled her again. She crushes and dollars insanely, but is noticeably feeble going on her 3rd time. When he tires of this, he lets her go—she flops weakly forth and he thrusts her over and then crawls on top of her. Getting the garrote around her neck and gliding his hard-on into her taut snatch, he screws her as he strngled her. She cannot fight back and just takes it. As he glides in and out, her facehole open and closes until she is ultimately still, eyes broad, tongue hardly out.

He glides out of her and g=flops her dead figure around then gets her back up on the bed and plows her some more. He set her up on his lap and lets her dead shape rail his trouser snake. When he tires of this, he lets her fall to the side.

He plays with her soles some more, then poses her on the sofa and leaves.
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