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Peachy Keen Films-Death by Orgasm

Peachy Keen Films-Death by Orgasm

Peachy Keen Films-Death by Orgasm
Peachy Keen Films-Death by Orgasm

Runtime : 19min 17s
File Size : 388 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Pepper had such high hopes when she very first signed on with the company. So much so that she committed fully to them when she signed her contract, bod & soul. Which is why her termination is so highly excruciating. She signs the adequate paperwork in a daze, her mind overwhelm to what is about to come next; her execution. The company representative coldly tells Pepper to disrobe, her clothes being company property, as well. She slides her microskirt off and commences to leisurely unbuckle the buttons of her half-shirt, the representativeТs watchful eye adding a layer of abjection to the dismal process. Shortly, she stands nude, her most individual parts unsheathed, and she is led into the execution chamber.

She is taught to lie on the sofa. Above her she can observe a iron bar with fetters and a camera that looks down at her. The company has developed a fresh method of execution, death by ejaculation, and Pepper has the honor of being the first-ever guinea pig for the procedure. As an additional humiliation, the whole event is being observed by the board of executives. To get ready Pepper, the representative starts to paw lube all over PepperТs nude assets, her palms massaging PepperТs boobs, slipping down inbetween her gams. Next, her gams are fettered to the iron bar overhead and the experimental poison rammed into her beaver.

The response doesnТt take lengthy, PepperТs sighing becoming more quick, a low groan of delight coming from her lips. Little by little the effects get heavier, until her bare, shining bod is squirming, her arms seizing her bootie, wringing her milk cans, while bellowing like a super-bitch in warmth. Finally, her back bends, spit spilling from her wide open throat, gagging as the intense ejaculations shudder thru her like a series of freight teaches. Abruptly, she is still, her jumpy system overcharged to lethal excess. Noisy applause at skimpy PepperТs death thunders thru the executive board apartment. The experiment over, PepperТs bare corpse is unceremoniously thrown out with the litter for waste disposal.

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