Peachy Keen Films-Snuff The Bridal Party

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Pepper is only 22, but she is getting married for the Third time. ItТs nothing fashionable. Just her and her gfs stringing up out in her room and having some joy before heading down to the courthouse to meet her guy.
During the random joy of various chatter, a stud dump in and shoots one of the bridesmaids. The ladies weirdo out an huddle together funked. One of there mates is dead.
It turns out, her last spouse was overseas when she penniless the bad news to him and before the dust lodge, she was off with someone else. It shows up, he is not taking the news well. In moments he has shot a 2nd virginal woman. She collapse on the laps of others and is harshly shoved to the floor in scare. Now he summons the damsels to prefer who is next and however dumb luck and the nature of self-preservation, another skimpy dame is murdered. Instantaneously after, a dame makes a run for is and is mowed down at the door. She crumples to the floorЧ4 fuck holes in her back, dead.
Pepper attempts to reason with her irate ex, but he far from rational. He lines up Trio dolls and plays Уeeny meeny miny moeФ resulting in another dead youthful lady. Then, he lines the rest up with Pepper in the middle and make her prefer who of her 2 mates left, is next to die. Pepper only hesitates shortly before pointing at her scanty pal Lily, who is capped in the orb and falls back on the bed with a lifeless gaze. Now with the math plain, he murders her last bridesmaid with a rapid, unload of his MP-5 up her front and she spurts like a rock.
Pepper now prays for her life, even resorting to displaying her epic torso to lure him back into reality. But the expressed in his head or the continued perceiving of being jilted solidifies his resolve. He blasts a few shots into that brilliant torso and his ex-lover falls sans mercy, dead and goneЧjust a nice gaze that he will recall. But all is not lost for this jilted soldier. He has fresh inspiration in the 8 dead femmes before him. And one by one, he takes his time tearing and disheveling their garment, running his mitts up and down there super hot, sleek dead figures, and frolicking with there lifeless limbs. He spends nearly equal time at them all. Inhaling bosoms, groping flesh and tights and tights glazed gams. He even plays with their smallish floppy soles.
But, eventually, with all the gals rubbed, he has one more task to accomplish. He hoists up Pepper, sets her on the bed inbetween her dead buddies, then prefers the largest fuckslut in the apartment and smash her corpse until he is satisfied—knowing that Peppers lifeless eyes were eyeing him do it. Glad now, goal finish, he arranged the figures in some perceive of order, then leaves.
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