» » Peachy Keen Films-My Tennis Elbow Is Killing Me

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Peachy Keen Films-My Tennis Elbow Is Killing Me

Peachy Keen Films-My Tennis Elbow Is Killing Me

Peachy Keen Films-My Tennis Elbow Is Killing Me
Peachy Keen Films-My Tennis Elbow Is Killing Me

Runtime : 34min 51s
File Size : 1.60 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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Willow is a youthfull athlete. She’s slim and pretty, but has been over exerting herself. She’s got some anguishes above her shoulder and needs to observe a physician, because the agony is getting intolerable. Fortunately she’s got Dr. Miles at her side, who’ll put her anguishes to rest!

First-ever he lays Willow out on his check-up couch. She points out the anguish and Miles senses around. He listens to her sighing thru his stethoscope before determining that she needs an insertion to relief the agony. He stuffs the injection needle near the source of the anguish, and shoves down on the plunger with his thumb. This sedates Willow to the point of unconsciousness.

Miles determines to give Willow a utter bod exam free of charge while she rests. He unwraps her down and perceives around her figure for any peculiarities. So far, everything perceives pretty ultra-cute Miles thinks to himself. She’s commencing to wake up tho', so Miles determines to give her another insertion. This one may have been a bit too strenuous for Willow, sending her into a fit of convulsions. Miles attempts to resuscitate as things don’t view superb for Willow. Still, a doctors day is never done, and he resumes with a more thorough check-up.

He sparkes a light in her slit, opening up her lips and demonstrating her fuck-hole. Miles determines to perceive around inwards, checking for any irregularities. Miles’ thumbs aren’t lengthy enough for a thorough check-up, so he determines to use his swell device, and thrusts it inwards of Willow’s gullet and cooter, making sure everything checks out.

Looks like everything was going well inwards, because Miles was able to build up to a satisfying conclusion of his exam.

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