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Peachy Keen Films-Dorm Murder

Peachy Keen Films-Dorm Murder

Peachy Keen Films-Dorm Murder
Peachy Keen Films-Dorm Murder

Runtime : 43min 51s
File Size : 933 MB
Resolution : 1440x1058

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2 beautiful chicas are in their dormitory apartment, swallowing rum and indulging in some girly-girl act. These molten, lil' bi-otches commence unwrapping and getting jiggish, when the RA comes in to make complaints about their noisy music. He turns the sound down and heads back to inspecting, but the 2 provocative wenches devise a wicked plan to taunt and abase the killjoy. Luring him back into their apartment, they put on a gorgeous display, disrobing off their flimsy clothes and making out next to the massive hairy man wolf of a guy.

Both of them turn their attention to him and embark to unbuckle his trousers, leading him to believe he’s going to get in on the act. All of a sudden, they stop, backing away and chortling at the bewildered RA. Teasing him and calling him fag, the guy leaves hurt by their violent ruse. In his apartment, his agony becomes a cold hunger for revenge, while the girly-girl pair embark to make out again. Their act gets super-hot and strenuous, distracting them from the stealthy entry of the RA. He slaps one of nymphs on the head, knocking her unconscious, the other too perplexed by the unexpected cruelty to even stir. Rapidly advancing on her, he wraps a length of stout cable around her neck and smothers her from behind.

As the wire tightens around her gullet, her eyes open broad, a desperate fright reflected in them. She attempts to squeal, but nothing comes out and her torso burns, starved of air. She reaches behind to beat at her attacker, to claw his face, to relief the tension kicking her jaws, but her tries are worthless. Her bare assets thrashes and dollars, but she briefly weakens. Finally, her eyes flip back into her head and her tongue lolls out of a slack facehole. Now dead, the stud flips her off the couch and onto the floor, and moves to the other female.

He commences to throttle her with the rope, as well, but it’s not intimate enough to sate his fury. Using his nude forearms, he wrings her slim neck, gagging the life from her. She struggles, nearly as much as her pal, but she’s even smaller, weaker, no match for the revenge-fueled might of the RA. His yam-sized bulk weighs down on her, clipping her to the couch and trapping her in his lethal seize. After a few painful minutes, she dies, murdered by the guy she had taunted without mercy. Having just murdered 2 youthful nymphs, he turns gentle, nearly luving. He touches the figure of his dead sub, throating on her nips and sniffing her mushy flesh. After a while, he ambles back to his own apartment, leaving the nude and brutalized corpses of the pretty coeds to leisurely get larger cold.

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