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Peachy Keen Films-Disposable Soldier

Peachy Keen Films-Disposable Soldier

Peachy Keen Films-Disposable Soldier
Peachy Keen Films-Disposable Soldier

Runtime : 41min 49s
File Size : 1.17 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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Penny is guarding a ammunition lurk. She is a disposable soldier. She does not even have the same apparel and gear the boys get. Most of these girls, don’t hope to get through lengthy, but she had strike the odds so far. This assignment was benign, way far away from the red-hot zone. She perceived safe. Calming in her safety, she elations herself. 2 rival soldiers are seeing her. They have separated from their platoon, for the purposes of stalking these youthful soldiers for their refreshment. They target Penny and budge in.
She is grasped from behind by the fellow, while the girl kicks and punches her. She is dragged away. In there hideout, they molest her. She is roped to a stool and the damsel with a meaty access compels her to slurp her labia while the boy menaces her with the bayonet on his rifle. There is nothing Penny can do but serve with this duo sick and contorted demands.
Afterward, they have her against a post, a garrote around her neck. The female twists a stick thru it to tighten it as she is harassed by the dude. They change off a few times, straining and relaxing the garrote as they molest her in various ways. Finally, the guy rapes her. Next, they throttle her until she is unconscious. Afterward, she stands as her mitts are strung up over her head and she is cruelly flogged as the doll laughs.
Next, they truss her to a gate where she is strapped opened up eagle. They torture her with a knife, eventually stabbing her in the honeypot. Then the guy arms the blade to the doll and she stabs Penny in each boob, however her puffies. At one point she urinates on the floor.
Penny is feeble, bleeding–a splash forming on the floor. The dude re-attaches the knife to the rifle and stabs her again, in the stomach, deep and lengthy, ripping up her innards.
As they leave Penny, she leisurely dies, starring lifelessly.

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