Psycho-Thrillers-Spy Games-Black Widow Elimination

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This is another lucky spy game type of story which fits well with the many terrorist stories we‘ve filmed thus so far. Mahina gives a highly strong strangulation which opponents KING Tweak. There is no spit or urination in this one as requested by our customer but you’ll find some of the finest necrophilia romp gigs that we’ve ever filmed. Filmed in Total COLOR HD!Description: Sardonis is a fellow in charge of a secret box of damsel assassins called Dark-hued Widows. The cage has complied its objective, leading to the deaths of hundreds of high value targets but now the program is being decommissioned and all the Dark-hued Widow agents must die. Never having seen their chief or handler, Sardonis sticks himself into the program as the primary target of the Ebony Widows and picks them off one by one.
They go into the bedroom and she sets her purse down beside the couch as he takes off his clothes and gets onto the sofa, laying face up. She takes her sundress off, then her hooter-sling and underpants. She leaves on her high high-heeled slippers.
Dark-hued WIDOW: Open your jaws and close your eyes, darling. I have something sensational for you. He closes his eyes, and she reaches down swiftly, takes out the gun, and holds it behind her back. With her other arm she takes a pill out of the purse and puts it on his tongue.
Ebony WIDOW: That’s the most heavy stimulant in the world. You’ll have the hottest lollipop of your life. With that pill inwards you, you’d have a stiff pecker even if you were dead. Keep your eyes closed now, and let me go to work on you.
Still holding the gun behind her back, she climbs onto the couch and with her free mitt and her facehole, gives him a lengthy, slow, Suck off. Occasionally she sights at him to observe if he is still keeping his eyes shut. When his dick is rigid, she takes the gun from behind her back and presses it into his side.
Dark-hued WIDOW (lifting her throat from his fuckpole): One last surprise, darling.
She extends her tongue to rub the peak of his jizz-shotgun, and pulls the trigger. He impulses, and there is a shot of her near his boner with her gullet open in near-orgasmic sensation as she thinks she has killed him. He heads still, and she looks at his face – his eyes are closed, his throat slack. He looks dead. She throws the gun on the couch, deep throats his manstick a bit more to keep him firm, then sits astride him, and mounts his still-hard shaft. She rails him in cowgirl-style, while he lays there to all appearances dead. Her own zeal enlarges, until she has an strenuous orgasm. She then glides off his prick, smirking.
Dark-hued WIDOW: That’s the Dark-hued Widow Pound, darling. I told you that you could keep it firm even if you were dead.
She picks the gun back up, putting it in and out of her throat in Oral job motions, tonguing the barrel, then putting it back into her purse. From the purse she takes out a crimson lip liner, and heads back to sit astride Mr. Sardonis again. Using the lip liner, she draws the picture of a spider on his pecs.
She smooches him on the pecs just below the mark, then gets up and takes a cage phone out of her purse. She heads to sit in a stool, her back revved to the figure.
The Ebony Widow, who is looking anxious as she waits for her call to go thru.
Dark-hued WIDOW: Come on, Mr. Sardonis. Time to report another flawless murder.
At this point Sardonis comes up behind her in the stool and whips the garrote around her neck.
SARDONIS: No need to report this time. I know this is a brilliant murder already.
She fights heavily and dies a slow agonizing death. He comes around in front of her and uses her lip liner to draw the same spider symbol on her forehead, but this time with an X thru it.
SARDONIS: Time for your last Ebony Widow Nail, darling.
Sardonis nails her in Three different postures. Last, he turns her face-up and suspends her head off the end of the sofa, and has a lengthy necro-BJ with her in that pose. He eventually comes to his ejaculation and leaves her there in that stance, her head hanging from the brim of the couch, and the crimson spider and X mark on her forehead displaying prominently.
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