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Psycho-Thrillers-Mind Game

Psycho-Thrillers-Mind Game

Psycho-Thrillers-Mind Game
Psycho-Thrillers-Mind Game

Runtime : 19min 53s
File Size : 482 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Tiffany is on the phone with her gf Samantha telling how bored she is and they should go to bar have a few guzzles and find some boys for joy, since they got fortunate last time. Tiffany displays up very first. The crowd is pretty lame, a toasted man was striking on Tiffany by pool table. The only good-looking fellow in the bar saved her by tossing the tipsy out.
She wished to thank him and buy him a gulp. Mike is not interested in swallowing but he would like her to have fun pool with him. Mike wants to make the pool game interesting and have Tiffany have fun for something. He dared Tiffany to have fun de-robe pool. Every time somebody loses, they would to take off one article of attire. Mike grins and the game starts.
After few games Tiffany is in underwear, Mike is braless. A few more games Tiffany is still in undergarments but she loses so she needed to take off her hooter-sling. Tiffany is timid, she hesitates but Mike tells her, game is game and they have an agreement. She submits and is bare-breasted only leaving her undies to liberate. She loses the next game, so she need to disrobe nude, but she donТt want to. At the same time as Mike requests her to take off her underpants, her phone rings. Samantha saved her in the last 2nd. Tiffany explains she needs to go to meet her sapphic paramour.
Mike thought she enjoyed him and want to hook up with him since she was taunting him, but she told him she just enjoys to have fun games with fellows. Mike doesnТt like that. He seizes her by her mouth with one forearm and arch her over pool table where other arm pull her undies off. He begins humping her from behind with one mitt on mouth and other frosting her mouth/fish hook with frigs. Then he turns Tiffany around where she grasps a ball and beats Mike in the face with it. His urinated and toss Tiffany on table, reaches for pool stick, puts it on her hatch, clipped her to the table and commence smashing her missionary, at the same time he is putting tension on her hatch. His having so much tension that he ******* her hatch. He ends himself off by popping in her. He places her **** assets on the pool table and takes a few last shots with the pool ballsack striking her vagina entire. Mike exclaims "I won cunt!" And he leaves.

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