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Peachy Keen Films-Left My Sister Dead

Peachy Keen Films-Left My Sister Dead

Peachy Keen Films-Left My Sister Dead
Peachy Keen Films-Left My Sister Dead

Runtime : 25min 2s
File Size : 635 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Fraternal twins, this nubile bother and sista are bored on a torrid summers day. Chad leads Mandy into their dads office for some exploration. What she doesn't know is Chad knows a secret about daddy and plans to share it with his step-sister.
Rifling thru his drawers, he finds his dads lurk of coca-cola and offers it to Mandy. She agrees to attempt it out and within minutes he is encouraging her as she begins to fumble and caress herself. Briefly, he is rubbing her and then persuades her to fellate his meatpipe.

As sis tongues and gargles his knob, he wants her so bad so he asks her. "You wanna pulverize". "OK" she replies, the cocaine driving her ambiguity and sexual thirst. He is humping her on their dads desk, her coochie, hot and raw, packaged cock-squeezing against his rock hard meatpipe.

Then, she stops him, just stops and shoves him off. She is done, just like that and prepared to go tell her mother. He can't have that, so swiftly seizes a garrote and wraps it around her neck.

What follows is a lengthy, lengthy , powered by the power of cocaine. They are in this death dance for a few minutes. In that time, she struggles, dollars, heaves, tongue out, eyes broad, toes digging into the floor--bending and twisting at angles. Her muscles strained and twitch. At on point, she cracks away, but he seizes her and pulls her back in, decided to complete the job.

They fight more, she begins to ultimately weaken. Her gams contraction, her thighs dollar, her pelvis push. Her gullet is agape, her tongue patruding. Slower and slower until ultimately, many minutes afterwards, she is still. Dead. He murders his twin sis. She was so youthful, so pretty. Pulverize her, she did not let him accomplish. He picks her up, lays her over the stool and romps her--ramming his manstick deep into her humid, dead labia.

Then, he moves her over the desk, ending her there. Swifter and swifter he wedges his fuck-stick into her until he extracts, shooting his jizz all over her juicy youthful mammories. He caresses it all over her hooters. Then, he repositions her on his dads desk. Maybe they will think she found the coca-cola herself and OD'd on it. With the wire mark around her neck, most likely not. Shag, he desired to leave anyhow. Drill them all peculiarly this dead whiny slit that always got everything she dreamed. Not anymore.

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