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Peachy Keen Films-Black Canary Resists

Peachy Keen Films-Black Canary Resists

Peachy Keen Films-Black Canary Resists
Peachy Keen Films-Black Canary Resists

Runtime : 36min 21s
File Size : 880 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Ebony Canary has been grasped by some miscreants and is being subjected to ultimate sexual torment. The Helluva couple, a gorgeous villainess and her masked sir seize and prod her for information while she stands secure in an x-frame, receiving flogs hetero to her puffies with a railing flog while the villainess presses a massager to her fuckbox. Climax after climax shifts over he as she pleads them to stop.

The penalty doesn’t end there. The singing canary is dangled palms over head as the hitachi torment resumes. Dark-hued Canary sags her bod into the throbbing head of the vibrator as she becomes more and more masturbated by her ejaculations and the masked tormentor pushes his raw frigs into her, preparing her for his lollipop.

Hoisting her gam, the masked tormentor shoves his trunk into her as the hitachi resumes to manhandle her bud. Hoisting her completely off the ground he uses the momentum provided by her wag figure to plunge her from the front before taking her from behind. He rams her great and rigid until she is entirely subdued.

Under the spell of her tormentor, the vamp approaches Ebony Canary who’s trussed defenseless to a tabouret with a zip bind stringing up from her forearms. She places it around the overcame birdy’s neck, and secures it firmly. The Dark-hued Canary fights only scarcely as in her state there isn’t much she can do. Her face twists in ache and heads slack as the glow in her eyes dissipates, another superheroine life, wasted.

Having no more use for the vamp stooge, the masked tormentor rings his lil' pigeons necks until she meets Dark-hued Canary in worthless birdie heaven. His trunk is stiff with gratification at the success of his plan. Both of these birds have come early and, well…you know what they say. The shadowy assets uses both of their throats, sliding his boy worm into their lifeless beaks until he erupts his splooge on the Canary’s tongue.

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