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Black Nylons-The Madam

Black Nylons-The Madam

Black Nylons-The Madam

Runtime : 22min 33s
File Size : 406 MB
Resolution : 1280x1080

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Bonita is a Madam with management problems. She determines to evaluate her staff and determines that Cali Jane has to go. Not fairly the pic she wants. Unluckily, when confronted, Cali doesn’t accept her destiny gracefully. Then she makes the unpardonable error. She menaces Bonita, says that “she’ll converse.” Bonita warns her that that would be highly dangerous. Cali doesn’t seem wooed. Bonita is met with a decision, and she makes it. Cali can’t be left alive.

Cali gets shot 4 times in brutish style. The tummy. It doubles her over in agony. Then in the titty. Then under the boob. The bullets flip her back and forward, and ultimately around into the wall. A fourth shot catches her in the back and she leisurely slumps to the floor. Bonita comes over and puts a fifth bullet into Cali’s knocker just to make a rapid end of the squealing gal. Then she cuts off Cali’s sundress and admires the wounds… Super-cute job!

But what Bonita doesn’t know is that the fat chief, Luigi, has made a similar decision, and bods that Bonita knows too much to live. So when Bonita goes for home and a steaming bathtub to feast her rough act on a wayward worker, she is dazed to find Velma ambling into her shower. Velma doesn’t bother conversing highly much. She speculums Bonita over and over again. Bonita bleeds from her injuries into the bathwater and ultimately glides down in death. Supreme stare…!

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