Peachy Keen Films-Strangled With Battery Cables

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Eric is at home when he hears a knock at his door. He opens it to find a jaw-dropping small tiny dark-haired on his porch looking to be in tender trouble. He gladly invited the naively trusting damsel in as she explains to him her car penniless down in his driveway as she tried to use it to turn around. Oh how “unfortunate” he thinks to himself as he exclaims to her to wait while he grasps his jumper cables.

Returning to the bed with the rig, he palms the cables to the stranded damsel and she thankfully takes them thinking what a knight in glossy armor she had happened to come upon. As she nears the door, he tosses a strike of a kick to the back of her head, pulling down her to the floor immediately. Her unconscious assets lays sprawled on the floor as he looms over her, admiring how silent she looks with her arse encountering upward to him.

Getting down on the floor, he spins her over on her back to start examining her captive bod. He easily runs his frigs via her and pulls her t-shirt down to unveil her round and puffy boobs mounted onto her torso. He works his way down her figure, he can scent her thru her jeans cut-offs and the musk crams him with heart thudding eagerness. He moves to her toes and smooches them before moving up her assets to smooch her. Her eyes abruptly open and splay as her flight responses instantaneously engage in response to the stranger over her.

She fights to get away but he swiftly wraps the crimson and dark-hued cables around her neck. The enlivenment of her assets struggling him for life is sexually electrifying. Her throat spreads agape as her gams and palms flail get to get some sort of leverage, but sitting on just her tailbone, her force to shove is compromised. Gusps of air escape her jaws as she leisurely liberates cognition, then consciousness altogether. After moments, the weight of her figure sags into him, letting him know that she ultimately given in leaving her figure behind for his disposable use.

He pulls her cut-offs off and throws them to the side as he moves up her figure, smooching her hot skin, stopping for a lil' additional on her puffies. He pulls his man sausage out and milks it a lil' before arranging himself over her to run his boner throughout her lips. The slaver built up in her hatch during the fight lubes his meatpipe as it slides inbetween her lips. He moves down her assets and takes in her aroma again thru her underpants, providing the groin of them a taste before pulling them off.

He gets her poon humid with his jaws, shaken with anticipation of the experiencing of her fuck-hole. Her dead eyes gawp up at the ceiling as he wets his trouser snake in her throat before opening her gams and thrusting himself into her snatch. Her small tiny cunny perceives so supreme as he pushes his length into her. He bangs her on his side as her gutless assets moves in flaps on the carpet, her still torso and udders juggling with him.

He lays her on her back and proceeds as the strain builds behind his nutsack, if she were still here, she’d enjoy the experiencing of him. His balls wring as he pulls out pulling out his baby guy goo on her tummy. The goo runs in rivulets down and pools as he straightens himself up and sits on the bed. Gawping at the bod, he calls a tow truck for the car “someone” left in his driveway.
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