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Peachy Keen Films-Good Wife Gone

Peachy Keen Films-Good Wife Gone
Ever since Eric got married, he’s been living the great life. We can all witness why he married Marilyn; a buxomy blondie with a superb culo and stunning breasts, who also is the bread winner. It’s flawless. Or, it was, at least. When she comes home from a rigid day at work to find Eric on the sofa, wanking off and tonguing cookies, she flies off the treat. That’s alright tho, because Eric knows the secret to a blessed marriage. A magic observe that can stop time. Freezing his wifey in mid-tirade, he has joy posing her for a bit, before hiking her mini-skirt up and slipping her undies down to her ankles, revealing her cleanly clean-shaved honeypot. Can anyone blame him? Coming home in that lil' ebony micro-skirt, with her stellar hip high tights, I’m astonished he didn’t hop her bones the moment she ambled in.

She gets so frustrated when he pulls this crap, but what can she do? The minute she begins to shout at him, she finds herself on her back, gams opened up broad, with his face submerged in her honeypot, lapping at her sugary-sweet bits. Or maybe entirely bare, on all 4s, with him tongue-punching her wrinkled starfish. It’s only a matter of time before he pushes his phat bulge into her cock-squeezing muff. Seizing her voluptuous, bodacious thighs, he humps her from behind, her meaty tits wiggling with each push. Thrusting her plane on her back, he screws her on the bed, liking the way the super-steamy, moist walls of her coochie capture his thickness. Until he unfreezes her, of course, and then she groans again, horrified to find herself once more being ridden like a circus horse.

Thinking that he’s had his joy for the day, he attempts to conceive of an adequate concluding to such a cool smash session. Then it bashes him; he’s going to jism all over her. In prep for his glorious eruption, he places edible cookies on his steaming wifey. Are those chakra points? Aiming his pulsating bone at her, he drains madly, emptying a sackload of ball juices onto her wondrous figure. Boobs, abdomen, even the sofa. He indeed stretches his enjoy around. Time to unfreeze the wife, and she awakens to find cookies on her and a goopy, goopy filth all down the front of her. This is the final straw for her and she screams again, this time for a divorce. Eric can’t tolerate that and he wraps his forearms around her gentle and helpless neck, wringing the life from her. She struggles with a anger, gams punching, palms flailing, but he is just so much heavier than her. Shortly, her efforts weaken, eyes going glassy as the life flees her assets. As Eric ambles off, to determine what to do next, his wife’s nude corpse cools on the sofa, caked in cookie crumbs and crusty sperm.

Peachy Keen Films-Good Wife Gone
Peachy Keen Films-Good Wife Gone

Runtime : 25min 24s
File Size : 611 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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