» » Peachy Keen Films-Foot Fucked And Strangled

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Peachy Keen Films-Foot Fucked And Strangled

Peachy Keen Films-Foot Fucked And Strangled
Willow has been kidnapped, her captor has frogtied her, and put duct gauze over her gullet, with a cable linked from her ankles to around her neck, making it so when she pulls her gams back it smothers her. Her captor comes in, and runs his mitt along her stellar assets. She sobs and fights, but he takes hold of her soles and pulls them back, causing her to gasp. He takes her socks off and runs his forearms along her feet.
He pulls out his knob, and paws it all over her feet, then places it inbetween her roped soles and embarks pumping them on his pecker. Every stroke gasps Willow, her tears cause the duct gauze to fall away, and she opens her hatch gagging for breath. He tantalizes her farther by pulling her gams back and pounding her feet while she gasps. Willow’s eyes decorate as the strap tightens around her neck, he keeps boinking her soles as Willow gets closer and closer to death. He gets more aroused as her toes and the muscles in her soles yank around his schlong, and he hears her feeble choking and screws her soles tighter until she lies still, dead.
He romps her soles until he finishes off, then lays her on her back still bound, and uncovers her jaw-dropping titties, then he leaves to find another marionette to sole drill and throttle

Peachy Keen Films-Foot Fucked And Strangled
Peachy Keen Films-Foot Fucked And Strangled

Runtime : 18min 48s
File Size : 875 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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