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Peachy Keen Films-Do What I Want

Peachy Keen Films-Do What I Want
Horrified, 2 spectacular honies huddle on a couch, embracing each other and blubbering as they lament over what they are sure are their last moments. A superior shadow of a fellow stands swinging a shotgun at them, requiring they stop the tears and put on the undergarments laid out cleanly on the sofa before them. The 2 girls shaken to their cores leisurely de-robe and don the nightwear, quivering in their pre mortem shame. But the dude isnТt prepped to end it just yet. The aroma of their new teen bods packs his nostrils inciting him to proceed to request they fulfill his animalistic sexual cravings.

Mary Jane dons a leather cable and man rod as Zoey is commanded to blow on it. Her lips preoccupy the plastic cock as he takes advantage of her pert backside in the air, and romps her sugary-sweet stunner crevasse and then her facehole while Mary Jane is commanded to take his place in her muff. The dude plumbs Zoey on her back as Mary eliminates the cord on schlong to finger pound her own muff as she sees her pals rape. Zoey puts the wire on as commanded by the shotgun owning boy. He witnesses for a few moments as the women commence to love each other, Mary Jane mounting the prosthetic phallus and railing it to her last climax.

As Zoey plows her buddy, the dude pulls a plastic bag down over her head. The bag splays and contracts with her funked sighing, a good layer of condensation mansion up in the bag as she commences to fall out of consciousness and onto the floor. Startled for her pals life and totally defenseless, Mary Jane curls up in a man milk on the sofa, ball ball-gagged and petrified at what she just eyed. But the guy ensures her her pal has not transferred as he eliminates the bag and ties ZoeyТs wrists and ankles. He pulls her onto the desk, leaning her over its surface and pulls out his prized weapon. A glistening, acute, machete.

He soothes the silenced Mary attempting to groan thru her ball gag sonnie lifts the machete. It falls intense on ZoeyТs neck, her head falling to the floor. The ache, loss and tyranny of what sheТs just watch lays readable on the still living Mary Janes face as the dude approaches the rear of ZoeyТs now headless pecs. He pushes into her, screwing her corpse with a pool of blood still on the desk from the slaughter. Finding her head on the ground he makes a grand display of hoisting it and skull tearing up her gullet. The mind-blowing air rivulets into her open concluded esophagus as his fuckpole uses it as a masturbate sleeve. With no more use for the 2 ladies he determines to end it. He wraps a noose around the oftentimes traumatized MaryТs neck and suspends her for the door. Her breasts juggle and shake, her soles quiver and tremor as her somatic responses crush in and her bod flaps on its own weight shifting in the doorway.

Peachy Keen Films-Do What I Want
Peachy Keen Films-Do What I Want

Runtime : 39min 39s
File Size : 1.03 GB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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