» » VelvetsFantasies-Rage Within The Machine part 3

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VelvetsFantasies-Rage Within The Machine part 3

VelvetsFantasies-Rage Within The Machine part 3
After having stolen Jacquelyn Velvets’ patent for her freshest FemBot mechanism, millionaire / faux entrepreneur Sumiko is invited over to her elder partner’s home. Deviously nosey, Sumiko accepts…ready to mock any and all of her preceding partner’s remarks. The sneering Velvets informs her that she’s forgiven her for her sins, and wants to present her to the FUTURE of FemBot mechanism. Sumiko scoffs at the idea, but within seconds Velvets brings in her freshest creation across remote manage. A tall and spectacular Latina FemBot known as “Jasmine” comes in, sumptuous Sumiko with her realistic flesh, mobility, and overall marketable sexuality. Sumiko gets lost exploring Jasmine’s framework, thus leaving herself open to a unexpected signal from Jacquelyn’s remote manage. Jasmine instantaneously traps the devious thief in a vise-like bearhug, wringing her unconscious and letting her droplet to the couch! Jacquelyn determines to have a night of joy, ordering her FemBot to knock her opponent out repeatedly, rag female her, and even undress her down to her underwear.

There’s even an epic hatch raise that indeed displays off the fresh FemBot’s strength…all leading to a final drowsy splatter KO that heads awry when Sumiko makes sure some of the KO drug bashes Jasmine in the face! The FemBot begins to malfunction, much to Jacquelyn’s horror, and before she can re-wire her creation, the Bot elevates Jacquelyn into the air by her jaws, knocking her unconscious and letting her slump to the bed. She sits, gazing blankly, as the 2 girls begin to come to. They make a break for it but Jasmine catches them in a dual gasp that rapidly sends them back to Dreamland!!

With her creator and Sumiko down and out, Jasmine heads into shut-down mode, her eyes fluttering barely as she slumps rearwards, leaving a plenty of of 3 femmes (2 of them real) on the bed, each one destined to be out of commission for fairly some time.

VelvetsFantasies-Rage Within The Machine part 3
VelvetsFantasies-Rage Within The Machine part 3

Runtime : 16min 2s
File Size : 1.20 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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