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VelvetsFantasies-Give Them A Break

VelvetsFantasies-Give Them A Break
Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sumiko, and Sasha Fae
Once again, Agent velvets has been tasked with taking out a platoon of deadly clones located in and around a nearby opponent lair…only this time the clones were created from the DNA of agents Sasha Fae and Sumiko, 2 evil and deadly assassins who have evaded Jacquelyn’s grab for years! Agent Velvets determines to go in without weapons, using
her nude palms to systematically snap the necks of every clone she trysts, adding post-mortem neck-breaks JUST to make sure!

After clearing the whole compound, Jacquelyn makes her way to the bedroom…where 2 more clones get the droplet on her! These 2 seem a bit heavier than the rest, and they shortly expose themselves to be the originals! After wearing Jacquelyn down with a series of brutish crushes, they comeback Velvets’ favor with 2 necksnap finishers that put our
heroine down and out for good!

This video contains Three dual neck snaps, Five neck snap deaths, Nine over kill neck snaps, pulse checks, death gawps, gutless limb manipulation

VelvetsFantasies-Give Them A Break
VelvetsFantasies-Give Them A Break

Runtime : 14min 0s
File Size : 1 001 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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