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Psycho-Thrillers-Night Prowler

Psycho-Thrillers-Night Prowler
In the early morning hour, a ski-masked prowler is creeping around a residence. He looks around the exterior of the home and finds an unlocked window and climbs in. He then calmly rambles around the building, peering into various apartments. He calmly eliminates some items from a drawer and puts contents into his pocket. The prowler ambles into the tormentor bedroom and sees duo calmly sleeping in their couch. The prowler pulls out his handgun and noisily groans and punches the sofa. The prowler wants money and food. He displays them a .357 Magnum and tells them to be tranquil.
The prowler then positioned the muzzle of the gun against mans head and cuffed man’s forearms behind his back. Prowler then manacled dame palms behind her back while ogling her bod.
Then he went thru the mansion ambling around palace and looking for money.
Prowler returned angry sans any money.
Prowler pushes the gun muzzle into nymph back and slam her as a hostage with him to kitchen find the money.

While in kitchen prowler order lady to turn around and flash him her bootie. Damsel prays for him to take the money and leave.
Chick turns around and raises nightgown to unveil panty underpants, with her palms still manacled.
Prowler takes cuffs off dame. He then orders lady to eliminate her underpants and give them to him. Prowler nuzzles her undies and then pulls out his pipe and orders nymph to fumble it.
Prowler sits on bed and orders gal to sit astride him and rail him.
Lady begs not to jizm inwards her.
After he porks her for a few minutes, the hubby embarks squealing out of his bedroom, prowler gets agitated.
He ambles girl swiftly back to bedroom. Prowler ambles over to hubby and crushes him a few times while moaning at him.
He then tosses manacled hubby face down on the sofa and orders wifey next to him on her forearms and knees. Prowler tells hubby he will demonstrate him how to tear up his wifey. He then brutally pulls up her nightgown and penetrates her stiff from behind all the while berating, insulting and menacing her and her hubby. Eventually, Prowler jizz inwards the female, then stands and pulls out gun. Hubby and doll are lounging face down on the sofa still cuffed. Spouse is angry and chick is weeping. Prowler shoved hubby off couch and shoots him. Nymph bellows. Then prowler pulls off a pillowcase gets on top of female and throttles her from behind. After he is ended, Prowler, heads downstairs to kitchen and checks his pockets to make sure he has the wallets and underpants and exits house.

Psycho-Thrillers-Night Prowler
Psycho-Thrillers-Night Prowler

Runtime : 35min 45s
File Size : 1.76 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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